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Discrimination Policy

You can use this Anti-Discrimination Policy to show your commitment to providing a workplace free of discrimination. This Policy defines what constitutes discrimination and provides a process for employees to flag any related complaints or grievances.
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Document Overview

This Anti-Discrimination Policy ensures that employees, contractors or other workers are aware of what constitutes discriminatory or other related unlawful behaviour to help provide a more respectful and safer workplace. This Policy also clearly outlines the disciplinary action that the Company may take against anyone who commits a discriminatory act.

Use this Anti-Discrimination Policy if:

  • You want to provide clarity on what constitutes discriminatory or other related unlawful behaviour;
  • You need to ensure that your workers are aware of the consequences for any discriminatory behaviour;
  • You want to minimise the risk of unlawful behaviour relating to discrimination occurring in the workplace;
  • You need to communicate a clear grievance or complaints process to your workers to help them feel comfortable raising any instances of discriminatory behaviour; and
  • You want to protect your Company from any potential disputes, claims or reputational damage that could arise from claims of discriminatory behaviour.

What does this Anti-Discrimination Policy cover?

  • The Company’s commitment to providing a workplace free of discrimination;
  • An outline of what constitutes definition or other related unlawful behaviour such as vilification;
  • The consequences for any acts of discriminatory or related behaviour; and
  • A clear grievance process for employees to follow if they would like to raise any issues of concern related to discrimination.

Further Information:

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