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Conflict of Interest Policy

A Conflict of Interest Policy outlines the process for the disclosure of any conflicts of interest that your employees may have. Using this policy helps protect your Company by ensuring that you are aware of any circumstances that may create a conflict of interest, and can address these before they can damage your company or expose you to a breach of the law.


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Document Overview

This Conflict of Interest Policy provides clarity about what constitutes an actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest and communicates a process for disclosing any such conflicts to the Company. It also helps guide the Company on how to manage any such disclosures, and the key factors to consider before making a decision.

Use this Policy if:

  • You need to create a process for the disclosure of any conflicts of interest that your employees may have;
  • You want to ensure that your employees are aware of their obligations regarding any conflicts of interest;
  • Your management team need clarity on how to record and monitor any disclosed conflicts of interest;
  • You want to clarify what constitutes a conflict of interest; and
  • You would like to communicate how any disclosed conflicts of interest are managed, and establish the options available to the Company in managing these.

What does this Policy cover?

  • Employee obligations around notifying the Company of any actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest;
  • Clarification on what constitutes a conflict of interest;
  • The process for declaring any conflicts of interest; and
  • The Company’s process for managing any disclosed conflicts.

Further information:

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