5 Tips for Managing Workplace Relationships

It is no secret that good working relationships are crucial in the workplace. Managing and actively building workplace relationships not only motivates employees, but increases the efficiency in achieving business goals. This article will explore the tips on how your company can manage and strengthen successful and valuable relationships. 

1. Promoting respect 

It is an obligation for employers and employees to respect each other. In other words, colleagues must be treated fairly and have their rights are recognised. Managers can play a significant role in promoting a positive workplace. They are able to set the standard of appropriate behaviour and take the reasonable steps in maintaining a respectful working environment. Therefore, this inspires workers to do the same which increases the productivity in the workplace.

2. Effective communication 

Effective communication is key in avoiding conflicts in the workplace. Encouraging honest input from employees provides practical solutions to workplace issues and avoids such disagreements from escalating. Through holding regular team meetings, providing performance feedback and involving employees in the decision-making process, open communication can be achieved. As a result, managers respond quicker and avoid the problems from getting worse.

3. Fostering cultural diversity 

Workplace diversity recognises the value of difference and inclusion. This concept allows for equal representation and opportunity in the workplace, regardless of race, gender, disability status and sexual orientation. The Australian Public Service Commission identified the benefits of a diverse workplace. This includes heightened business performance, increased innovation and the adaptability to change. For instance, a diverse workplace can be promoted through a flexible system that caters for different backgrounds, holding cultural events and including these values in its company’s policy. You can read more about how to build a great company culture here

4. Setting realistic goals

Setting realistic goals and deadlines avoids workplace tension. Managers should be upfront about the job description and encourage conversations with employees when they are unsure about the given task. This allows managers to prioritise tasks and to allocate work effectively. In addition, employees further understand the manager’s expectations and with the relevant information, they are able to complete their work more successfully.  

It is also recommended that managers promote a healthy lifestyle in the workplace. In other words, the idea is that workers try to evenly balance their work with their personal life. A poor work-life balance can have a negative impact on mental health and lead to burnout. Managing workloads and offering flexible working arrangements provides employees with the support they need. Above all, this increases work performance and overall wellbeing.

5. Adopting conflict resolution strategies

Conflicts within the workplace can be harmful to the employees and to the organisation’s reputation. Addressing and preventing issues early as possible is very important. For instance, this can be achieved through compulsory conflict management training, encouraging open communication for workers to express their concerns and through implementing a confidential system for workplace complaints. Having these systems in place allows for a coherent handling of conflicts and prevents further disruptions from impacting the business. 


In conclusion, focusing on workplace relationships is key to a successful business. Managers maintain productivity and morale among its employees by providing a supportive and inclusive workplace culture. As a result, this has long term benefits of increasing job satisfaction and minimising employee turnover rates. Therefore, it is clear that building positive relationships ultimately lays the foundation in achieving company goals and in maintaining the company’s reputation.

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