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How to Use Facebook Ads

How to Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a useful way to reach thousands of potential customers online. Find out about how to use Facebook ads.

8th July 2021
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Whether you’re just starting up a business or wishing to promote your already existing business, Facebook ads can be useful to reach thousands of potential customers online. There are different types of Facebook ads to grasp your audience and receive immediate feedback. Let’s learn more about the benefits of Facebook ads.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

  1. Almost all people these days are on Facebook
  2. You can specifically target your exact audience
  3. Can create ads catering to your specific objective of the business
  4. Allows for audience transparency (monitoring the followers)
  5. There are varieties of ad formats on Facebook
  6. You’ll reach far more people than you would’ve ever thought
  7. Can keep existing audience engaged (promote customer loyalty)

Now these all seem great. So, how do you use Facebook ads?

5 steps to start using Facebook ads

Step 1) Start a Facebook page for your business

Make sure you select the appropriate business type for your Facebook page. Then, choose an eye-catching business logo as your Facebook profile picture. You should also have selected images on your page that are visually engaging. This could be images of some of your best selling products or aesthetic in-store photos of your business. A short description on your page is also critical. Keep it short but impactful. People won’t spend long scrolling through your page before they decide they’re bored and exit. Starting a Facebook page is quite straightforward and simple, read more about How to Start a Facebook Page for Your Business.

It’s important to note Facebook has recently changed its privacy policy in line with the new requirements under General Data Protection Regulation. Facebook is now a lot stricter in ensuring businesses comply with their privacy requirements. Read in detail how to deal with the customer database without becoming banned from Facebook.

Step 2) Know your audience

You don’t want to waste your money by spreading your ads to as many people as possible, hoping it’ll grab somebody’s attention. A smarter way is to narrow down your target to specific audience that you know will be interested in your products/services. Consider:

  • What social habits and values does your customer have?
  • What is the age range of your customers?
  • Is your customer usually a male or female?
  • What kind of personality do your customers have?
  • What kinda of customers are interested in your products/services?

These questions will help you narrow down your target audience to ensure your ads appear on the screens of the right people.

Step 3) Use a variety of ads

When you first start off, test out different types of ads and see what reaches the most engagement. Some types of Facebook ads to name are:

  • Video ads
  • Image ads
  • Poll ads
  • Slideshow ads
  • Collection ads

Research the pros and cons of each ad and stick with the ones most suitable and beneficial to your specific business.

Step 4) Use simple but catchy language

Most people aren’t on Facebook looking to read a comprehensive article. They’re browsing for quick, immediate entertainment. So don’t overcomplicate the descriptions of your products or services. Keep it simple but this doesn’t mean be boring. Make sharp impactful statements that will quickly grab your customer’s attention and prompt them to click on your page.

Step 5) Create an account with Facebook Ads Manager

You can now start creating ads through Ads Manager (an all-in-one tool for creating ads on facebook). You can create and edit ads, track performance and manage ed budgets through this system. Confirm all your business information, set up the Facebook Ads Manager account and start creating!

Final Note

Don’t stop here. You should monitor feedback and evolve your ads. Trends are constantly evolving these days and you should get on top of them to remain relevant to your target audience. Switch around the format of your ad according to your database and promote your best selling products/services. You can read more about how to make most of Facebook ads here. Good luck!

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