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IT Policy

You can use this IT Policy to ensure that your employees are aware of your expectations regarding workplace computer, internet, social media, internet and phone use and associated communication standards. This Policy also ensures that employees are aware that the Company owns the technology and has the right to monitor such use and content.
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Document Overview

This IT Policy helps clarify acceptable and unacceptable use of IT resources within the workplace, including any IT resources used in other working environments, such as the home. Having this Policy in place helps protect the Company by allowing you to easily take disciplinary action where such resources have been misused. This Policy also clarifies employee obligations regarding the protection of passwords, authentication methods and data handling procedures.

Use this Policy if:

  • You want to ensure that employees are aware of acceptable standards of conduct around the use of any IT resources;

  • You would like to ensure that there are clear processes in place for maintaining password and data security;

  • You need to communicate how any IT resources are monitored and accessed; and

  • You need to protect your Company in the event of any unacceptable conduct by employees using your IT resources, including emails or social media use.

What does this Policy cover?

  • When employees may be liable for unacceptable computer, internet, email or voice communication use, including when they are working at home;

  • Company rights around monitoring, accessing or recording of IT resources and/or equipment;

  • Acceptable and unacceptable standards of behaviour when using IT resources;

  • Obligations around maintaining the security of Company systems, passwords and sensitive data; and

  • Return of Company property where requested.

Further Information:

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