Quick Tips: Legal Documents for Websites

What Legal Documents Do I Need for My Website?

Before transacting or capturing any kind of customer information, you’ll want to ensure you’re well equipped legally to highlight your compliance and credibility as a business.


This quick guide provides an overview on everything you’ll need to get started online from a legal perspective.

1. Privacy policy

Privacy laws are required by law* by any individual or organisation gathering personal data. This can be as basic as names and email addresses. A Privacy Policy can cover you to be legally compliant. It deals with points like how personal information is collected, what it is used for and how it is stored and managed.

*Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)


2. Website Terms and Conditions

Under Australian Consumer law, you are required to have Terms and Conditions on your website especially if you deal with goods or services. Website Terms and Conditions include terms of delivery, return and refund policies specific to your business. Website Terms and Conditions have the further effect of limiting liability for any information and material that may be on your site.


3. Website Terms of Use

Terms of Use are crucial for any website. It allows the creator or owner to lay down the rules for people visiting the website as well as protection of their intellectual property (their work and ideas) on the website. It also details what users can and cannot do on the site and details what actions the website owner can take if users do not follow the Terms of Use.


4. Email Disclaimer

We live in a technological world, there is a risk that your emails may be public. Make sure that you have an email disclaimer at the end of your emails to keep your communications safe and secure. It ensures that the email is to be read only be the recipient, contains a disclaimer for ‘opinions’ and also email errors.


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