In this series of posts we look at the concept of ‘long service leave’ (LSL) within each respective State and Territory. If you’re thinking about what entitlements you have to LSL and pro-rata, you’ve come to the right place.

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Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

LSL entitlements in the ACT is governed by the Long Service Leave Act 1976 (‘the Act’). The Act states;

  • That when 7 continuous years have been completed with the same employer, the employee is entitled to 6.0667 weeks paid leave, with the accrual rate of ⅕ of a month’s leave for each year of service.

Pro-rata entitlement is granted when an employee has been employed for at least 5 years but less than 7, and when employment is terminated due to their own death or for any reason other than serious misconduct.

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