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Advisor Agreement

An Advisor Agreement allows you to engage an advisor for your business.
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Document Overview

This document outlines the terms and conditions of a formal agreement between a business or organisation and an advisor. The purpose of the template is to clearly define the expectations and obligations of both parties and to protect the interests of the organisation or business. It should be customised to meet the specific needs of the organisation and the advisor, and reviewed and approved by legal counsel should there be any issues or added complexity.

What are the benefits of having an Advisor Agreement?

  • It outlines the terms and conditions of the advisory relationship, helping to prevent misunderstandings or disagreements between the advisor and client.

  • The agreement provides legal protection for both the advisor and the client by outlining the scope of services, fees, and other important provisions.

  • Having an Advisor Agreement in place demonstrates a level of professionalism and can help to build trust between the advisor and client.

  • It can help to mitigate risk for both parties by specifying the conditions under which the advisory relationship can be terminated or other legal recourse that can be taken in the event of a dispute.

What does the Advisor Agreement cover?

  • Services to be provided;

  • Term and commencement date;

  • Minimum hours of service;

  • Advisor fee;

  • Independence of advisor, expenses, GST and responsibilities of advisor; and

  • Termination, IP, confidentiality and assignment.

Use this Advisor Agreement if:

  • Your organisation is seeking advice or consulting services from an advisor.

Examples of situations where an Advisor Agreement may be useful include:

  • Your organisation seeks advice from an advisor on matters such as strategic planning, financial analysis, website development or social media management.

  • Your organisation seeks advice from an advisor on matters such as tax planning or investment management.

  • Your startup organisation seeks advice from an advisor on matters such as fundraising, product development or business strategy.

  • Your non-profit organisation seeks advice from an advisor on matters such as program development, grant writing or fundraising strategies.

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