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Directors' Resolution to Approve Payment to Company Officer (Circulating Resolution)

This Directors' Resolution may be used to approve a payment to a company officer (such as a director or secretary) to enable them to perform their duties or on account of a payment made on behalf of the company.
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Document Overview

When a company officer spends funds which are related to the performance of their duties as a company officer or to purchase an item on behalf of the company, the board must resolve to reimburse the director prior to paying them backfor the expenditure. It helps to ensure that payments to company officers are made in a transparent and accountable manner, and that they comply with the company's internal policies and external legal requirements.

This resolution can be inserted into:

Where you wish to pass the resolution in a directors' meeting, you must use the documents above. Simply copy and paste the text of the resolution.

What are the benefits of having a Directors' Resolution to Approve Payment to Company Officer?

  • By passing a resolution, the company ensures that the payment to the company officer is in compliance with the company's bylaws, policies, and procedures.

  • The resolution outlines the amount to be paid, the individual who will receive the payment, and the reason for the payment, ensuring that there is no confusion or misunderstandings between the company and the officer.

  • By providing a clear record of the payment and the reasons for it, the resolution helps to ensure transparency in the company's financial transactions.

  • By requiring approval from the board of directors, the resolution ensures that payments to company officers are made in a responsible and accountable manner.

  • Having a resolution in place provides protection for the company in case of any legal disputes related to the payment.

Further information:

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