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Gym Membership Form

This Form can be used to sign up new members to a gym on a fixed or ongoing basis.


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Document Overview

This document is based on the Membership Form template provided by the peak industry body AUSactive. It uses plain English drafted to be easy for members to understand. For more information, see the AUSactive website.

A gym membership form is a legal document that outlines the details of a member's membership, as well as the terms and conditions between a gym and its members regarding the use of the gym facilities and services.

It is essential for any small business that wants to set up a gym as it helps protect both parties' rights and provides clarity on what is expected from each party. By having a gym membership form in place, a small business can protect itself from legal disputes, ensure that its clients understand the rules and regulations, and provide a professional and organized image to its clients. It also helps to establish a strong relationship between the gym and its clients based on trust and mutual understanding.

Note carefully the sections of the agreement that require signatures, and any instances where text must be selected or boxes must be ticked to create a binding agreement.

IMPORTANT: We highly recommend that you seek legal advice when drafting this form to ensure that it conforms with consumer laws in the State in which your gym is based. Consumer laws are subject to regular change. Additionally, where your business operates across multiple states, you should make a separate form for each state.

What does the Gym Membership Form include?

  • Membership fees. This outlines the fees clients are expected to pay for membership and any additional services, such as personal training or classes.
  • Membership term. This outlines the duration of the membership, whether it is an ongoing or fixed term membership.
  • Gym rules. This section outlines the gym's rules, including the hours of operation, dress code, and behavior expectations.
  • Liability waiver. This section outlines the risks associated with using the gym facilities and services and releases the gym from any liability for injury or damage, to the extent permitted by law.
  • Termination and cancellation. This section outlines the process for terminating or canceling the membership, including any fees or penalties.
  • Dispute resolution. This section outlines the process for resolving any disputes between the gym and its clients.
  • Privacy. This section outlines how the gym collects, uses, and protects personal information.
  • Australian Consumer Law notices. These state-specific notices ensure your form complies with the Australian Consumer Law. Some states do not require them and therefore they will not appear on your form if you select those states.

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