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Letter of Demand (Final Attempt)

A Letter of Demand (Final Attempt) is usually sent when you have tried unsuccessfully to get your invoice paid and this is your final reminder letter before taking legal action.


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Document Overview

A Letter of Demand (Final Attempt) is the final reminder letter sent to consumers with outstanding payments who have not responded to previous letters of demand.

The purpose of a Letter of Demand (Final Attempt) is to clearly communicate the company's intention to pursue legal action if payment is not made, while also providing the debtor with one last opportunity to settle the debt before legal proceedings commence. This letter is typically firmer in language in comparison to the first two attempts, and clearly communicates your intention to take further legal actions if the debt is not paid. It is typically only used when other attempts to collect payment have been exhausted.

It is important to remember that the tone of the letter should be firm but professional. It is important to avoid using threatening or aggressive language, as this can be counterproductive and may make it more difficult to collect the debt.

In addition to the letter itself, it is also important to keep accurate records of all communication with the debtor. This can help to provide evidence in the event that legal action is necessary, and can also help to demonstrate to the court that the company has made every effort to collect the debt in a reasonable and professional manner.

Use this Letter of Demand (Final Attempt) if:

  • You already sent two unsuccessful letters of demand;

  • You intend to take legal action if the debt is not paid.

What does the Letter of Demand (Final Attempt) cover?

  • The outstanding amount;

  • What the invoice covers (i.e. good or services);

  • Late payment interest (if applicable);

  • The date in which it should be paid;

  • The type of legal action you intend to take.

Other names for Letter of Demand (Final Attempt) include:

  • Letter of demand

  • Final collection letter

  • Final letter of demand

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