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Mobile App Terms and Conditions of Use (Marketplace)

A Mobile App Terms and Conditions of Use (Marketplace) is where the marketplace users will be informed about the rules, conditions and other important aspects to using your app and its marketplace. Customisable and ready to use in under 10 minutes.
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Document Overview

Any user wanting to interact with the marketplace on your website should be required to agree to these terms before entering. This agreement could come in the form of a pop up before they enter the marketplace, or be included within the general terms and conditions agreed to when the app is initially downloaded. This document outlines the terms and conditions in regards to how the market place is used and regulated, as well as regulate how the buyers/sellers using your service will interact and complete their transactions. Having a Mobile Terms and Conditions of Use (Marketplace) will ensure that your application is protected, as well as the users who interact with it.

Use this Mobile App Terms and Conditions of Use (Member Interaction / Marketplace) if:

  • You want protection from liability

  • You want to regulate your marketplace

  • You want to protect your content and intellectual property

  • You want to outline how users will provide/ receive payment once transactions are completed

What does the Mobile App Terms and Conditions of Use (Member Interaction / Marketplace) cover?

  • User agreements

  • Payment methods

  • Warranties

  • Return policies

  • Dispute resolution protocols

Other names for Mobile App Terms and Conditions of Use (Member Interaction / Marketplace) include:

  • Marketplace terms of service

  • App market terms of use

  • Marketplace vendor agreement

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