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Personal Services Agreement

A Personal Services Agreement sets out the relationship between you, the service provider, and the business receiving the services.
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Document Overview

As a services provider, it's important that you have the right documents in place to make sure your services are delivered effectively, and even more importantly, that you get remunerated for those services. This Personal Services Agreement sets out the terms and conditions between you as the service provider and the recipient of your services, which are essential in the context of any commercial transaction. A Personal Services Agreement is a simplified version of a more general services agreement, tailored to circumstances where both parties, but in particular the service recipient, have relatively basic commercial needs and expertise, while still providing flexibility over certain aspects of the service, in particular the duration or completion of the service.

For more complex matters, please use:

The terms and conditions in this agreement are drafted in a neutral manner; that is, they predominantly favour neither the service provider nor the service recipient.

What does the Personal Services Agreement cover?

  • Provision of services;

  • Timing and renewal;

  • Pricing;

  • Payment;

  • Warranty, alterations and rejection of services;

  • Confidentiality;

  • Copyright and intellectual property;

  • Limitation of liability and waivers;

  • Mediation; and

  • Termination for provider and recipient.

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