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Public Holiday Swap Leave Policy

This Policy document, intended to promote cultural inclusion, can be used to allow employees to take public holidays on different days.


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Document Overview

What Is A Public Holiday Swap Leave Policy?

A public holiday swap leave policy allows all employees to request leave granted by a public holiday to be swapped for another day off within the same calendar year. This policy is often used when employees are given leave in response to a public holiday which they do not celebrate, and are seeking leave to be issued on an alternative day of the calendar year. 

Corporate Social Responsibility and Inclusivity

The provisions in this policy are not required by law, but may be considered to contribute to an ethical workplace. Having a public holiday swap leave policy ensures your business is not just being compliant with an employee’s needs, but also promoting a workplace culture that is rooted in corporate social responsibility and inclusivity. 

Key Components This Public Holiday Swap Leave Template Will Cover

Policy Purpose

The purpose of the public holiday swap leave policy will be covered in this template. This will state its overall objectives of offering employees flexibility when it comes to swapping leave, and also how this document will serve as a transparent guideline. 

Notice Requirements

The notice requirements will also be set out by this policy and the template offered. This will include your business's time frame required for an employee to claim this leave. 

Public Holidays Specificity

This public holiday swap leave policy template will also allow businesses to define what public holidays are accepted as valid for an employee to claim when wanting to swap leave. 

Relationship to Other Kinds of Leave

Public holiday swap leave operates independently of other types of leave, such as annual leave or sick leave. Employees may not swap public holidays for these other types of leave, and any unused public holiday swaps cannot be converted into or offset against other leave entitlements.

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