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Store Terms and Conditions

This Store Terms and Conditions allows a store owner to clearly lay out the terms of entry and purchase that apply to customers.


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Document Overview

What Are Store Terms and Conditions?

Store terms and conditions are the guidelines that provide the framework for a seller (retailer or online store) and their customers. Store terms and conditions outline the rights and obligations for both of these parties in regards to aspects such as purchasing, ordering, payments and returns. They are legally binding agreements which customers are required to accept prior to purchasing from a store. The store terms and conditions will help in establishing a clear expectation and ensure the protection of the rights of both sellers and customers are fair and compliant with relevant laws.

Key Components Covered In This Document

Payment Methods

The store terms and conditions will state the payment methods available for customers to use in order to purchase the products or services offered by the business.

Returns and Refunds

Returns and refunds are also areas this store terms and conditions template will cover. This will encompass areas such as the guidelines for returning an item include ineligibility, time limited and procedures for requesting refunds. 

Limitation of Liability

The limitation of liability will also be included within the store terms and conditions. This is a critical aspect of the document as it outlines the extent to which the seller holds responsibility for any damages or losses arising from the products or services offered. 

Compliance with Australian Consumer Law

Compliance with the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) and how it has been applied will be covered in this template of the store terms and conditions. 

Customisation and Adaptability

This store terms and conditions template will enable you, as a seller, to customise your store terms and conditions  to cover niche areas which other templates do not always consider. This may include issues such as the right to search bags or price changes. Having a store terms and conditions is important as it establishes clear guidelines, helps protect your business from legal and financial disputes, and additionally builds trust and credibility with customers by demonstrating transparency. 

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