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Testimonial Release Form (Corporate Testimonial)

A Testimonial Release Form gives a company the rights to use a testimonial that another company has written about them.


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Document Overview

A Testimonial Release Form is used to obtain permission from a company to use their testimonial. Testimonials are statements made by a person about a product, service, or experience and are often used by businesses to promote their products or services. This agreement enables the company who wrote the testimonial to pass on the relevant rights to the company to use. 

The purpose of a Testimonial Release Form is to protect the business from potential legal issues that may arise from using a company's name, logo, or testimonial without their permission. It is important for businesses to obtain a Testimonial Release Form before using a person's testimonial in their marketing or advertising materials.

What are the benefits of a Testimonial Release Form (Corporate Testimonial)?

  • Businesses can protect themselves from potential legal issues that may arise from using a person's testimonial without their permission.

  • Testimonials from satisfied customers or clients can be an effective marketing tool to promote a business's products or services, helping build credibility for a business and attract new customers. Having a testimonial release form ensures that the business can use the testimonial in their marketing and advertising efforts.

  • Using a testimonial release form demonstrates that a business takes legal and ethical considerations seriously, which can enhance its professional image.

Use this Testimonial Release Form if:

  • You wish to give a company the rights to your testimonial.

  • You wish to use the testimony of a customer regarding your company.

What does this Testimonial Release Form cover?

  • Release of relevant testimony.

  • Acknowledgment of no compensation in return for the rights to the testimony.

  • Releasing the company of any liability.

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