Letter of Resignation Sample (2022 Update)

Aug 2, 2019
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Written by James Miotto

Letter of Resignation Sample

It is always important to leave on good terms. Whether you receive an offer for a new and exciting opportunity, want to venture out on your own, or just need a sabbatical, a Letter of Resignation is a formal and professional way to inform your employer of your intention and reason(s) for leaving. You can take a look at our sample below to get an idea of what yours will look like.

Your Letter of Resignation clearly informs your employer of your intention to resign from your current position of employment. As our sample shows, the intention should be clear and transparent in explaining your reasons for resignation.

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What does the Letter of Resignation Cover?

Our Letter of Resignation includes clauses setting out:

  • Intention to resign
  • Your notice period
  • Employment contract details
  • Reason(s) for you resignation

Why is it important to use a Letter of Resignation?

The relationship between an employer and employee is a formal one and is usually set out in writing through an employment contract. It is important that you terminate your employment in writing, even if you do not feel the need to provide a letter. The letter will act as an official record of your resignation and will make sure that nothing is left unclear between you and your employer. 

Some additional tips when handing in your notice 

1. Always be professional 

Resigning from your role can be a difficult task, and it can also be emotional. However, it’s important to always be professional when resigning from your job. This extends to when you work out your notice period. You should make sure you work out the notice period stated in your contract unless you and your employer make alternate arrangements. 

2. Keep a copy of your letter 

Although you will be handing your letter in to your employer, you should also keep a copy for yourself. By doing this, you will have a record of your resignation and can refer to it if any disputes arise. If a dispute does arise in relation to your terms of resignation, you will want to get in touch with an employment lawyer for advice. 

3. End on good terms

Most employers understand that employees will resign from time to time. Ending your employment relationship on positive terms will have multiple benefits. This includes if you intend to use your employer as a referee for future job applications. It’s also likely that you will encounter your employer again, depending on the industry you work in. By and large, burning bridges won’t do you or your employer any favours – because there’s always the chance that you may work with them again in the future. 

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