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AI Policy (Use of Text Generators)

This workplace Policy outlines the procedures that employees need to follow when using AI text generators.
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Document Overview

The use of AI text generators such as ChatGPT and Bard in a commercial or workplace context has a range of implications. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the use of these tools is legal, ethical, effective, and secure, and to establish clear standards for their use.

This AI Policy covers:

  • The definition of AI text generators.
  • Acceptable use of AI text generators.
  • Restrictions placed upon the input of information into AI text generators to ensure that privacy, security and confidentiality obligations are observed.
  • The need to validate the accuracy and reliability of information gathered using AI text generators.
  • Guidelines around communicating where an AI text generator is used.
  • The consequences of violating this policy.

Use this AI Policy to:

Establish ground rules around the use of AI driven text generators when working with employees, contractors, volunteers, vendors or anyone else who may have any type of access to systems, softwares and hardware.

Why should a business use an AI policy?

AI text generators such as ChatGPT and Bart have revolutionized the way businesses operate and helped in increasing productivity and efficiency, but they also carry risks that must be mitigated, particularly in the areas of security, validation, transparency, and ethics.

An AI policy can help in setting up rules around quality and data protection when using text generators.

Further information

The Future is Now: Why Your Business Should Implement a Strong AI Policy

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