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Change of Workplace Notice

A Change of Workplace Notice is used to inform an employee that their workplace will be changing location.
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Document Overview

Changes to workplace location may be made in response: to a downturn in trade, the restructuring of a business or any other reasons impacting the operation of the business. 

This Change of Workplace Notice helps ensure that employees are well-informed about the changes that are taking place in the company. This can help to alleviate any anxiety or uncertainty that employees may have about the move, and can help to foster a sense of trust and confidence in the company's leadership.

However, it is important to note that a Change of Workplace Notice is only effective if it is communicated clearly and effectively to all employees. This means that the notice should be distributed in a timely manner, and that all employees should have access to the information they need to prepare for the move.

Use this Change of Workplace Notice if:

  • You wish to inform an employee that their workplace will be changing location.

  • You want to identify the new workplace.

  • You wish to identify the reason for a change in the employee’s workplace.

What does this Change of Workplace Notice cover?

  • The reason for the disruption to the regular workplace.

  • Where the new workplace will be located.

Further information

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