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Final Notice Letter

This Final Notice Letter is used to formally request a customer to make a payment on an outstanding debt. 
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Document Overview

Use this Final Notice Letter after a person or business has failed to pay an invoice by the required due date and you want to request payment and ask them when to expect a payment. It is typically sent after several attempts to collect payment have been made, such as sending reminder letters or making phone calls. They are an important step in the debt collection process, as they provide a clear and formal warning that action may be taken if payment is not received.

What are the benefits of a Final Notice Letter?

  • It serves as a final reminder to the debtor that the debt needs to be paid, and can motivate them to take action and settle the debt.

  • It provides a written record of the creditor's attempts to collect the debt, which can be useful if legal action is needed.

  • A Final Notice Letter is a professional way of communicating with the debtor and can help to maintain a positive relationship between the parties, especially if the creditor intends to continue doing business with the debtor in the future.

  • If the creditor decides to take legal action to recover the debt, a Final Notice Letter can be used as evidence that the debtor was aware of the debt and the consequences of non-payment.

Use this Final Notice Letter if:

  • You want to formally request payment be made for an outstanding debt; and

  • After several unsuccessful attempts, you intend to issue a final notice to recover a debt owed.

What does this Final Notice Letter cover?

  • Invoice Date.

  • Invoice Number.

  • Invoice Amount.

  • Number of days overdue.

  • Request that contact be made to advise when payment can be expected.

Further information:

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