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Enforcing a Payment in Australia

Enforcing a Payment in Australia

In this series we look at the concept of ‘enforcing a payment’ within each respective State and Territory. Read here to find out about Australia generally.

13th October 2015
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Do you have customers owing you outstanding invoices or money for a job that you’ve completed?

To put this into perspective, let’s take your average hard working plumber – they’ve just finished the plumbing work for a property developer with an agreement to pay a portion of the money upfront and the remainder when the project is completed, as with all of their jobs. Following completion, and after some time, they notice a gap in their records – they were not paid. However all is not lost, read on for how to go about recovering this money.

Enforcing a Payment?

The General Process

In essence, there are three key steps available to you which you can utilise to recover that hard earned money of yours:

  1. Informal Communication
  2. Letter of Demand
  3. Small Claims debt recovery action

If any of the methods fail, you will continue down the list with the next action.

States and Territories

For a breakdown of individual States and Territories, access the following:









Still unsure of how to recover your money? It is always recommend to get in touch with a debt collection lawyer. Contact a LawPath consultant on 1800 529 728 to learn more. 

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