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Full Time Employment Agreement Sample

Full Time Employment Agreement Sample

Learn how to create your free Employment Agreement using our sample.

23rd March 2016
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Full Time Employment Agreement Sample

A Full-Time Employment Agreement is suitable for any full-time employee working in any industry or state in Australia. This Employment Agreement complies with the current Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) and the National Employment Standards (NES). Take a look at our sample below, to get an idea of what yours will look like.

Your Full-Time Employment Agreement clearly states the employment terms that you the employer and the employee agree on and also provides guidance to mediate any disputes that may arise. As our sample shows, the terms must be clear and transparent in laying down the rules, duties and limitations of the employment contract.

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What does the Full Time Employment Agreement Cover?

Our Full Time Employment Agreement includes clauses setting out:

  • Position, duties, and working hours;
  • Salary and additional benefits;
  • Probation period, notice period, annual leave and termination provisions;
  • Confidentiality provision;
  • Non-compete provisions;
  • Intellectual property provision;

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James Miotto

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