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Shareholders Agreement Sample

Shareholders Agreement Sample

Learn how to create your free Shareholders Agreement using our sample.

23rd February 2017
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Shareholders Agreement Sample

The Shareholders Agreement regulates the relationship between shareholders of your company. Take a look at our sample below, to get an idea of what yours will look like.

Your Shareholders Agreement protects your interests in situations of disagreement. Just like our sample, it should outline a clear idea of what the parties agreed to before the dispute, or before something changes a shareholder’s ability to continue working in the company. ‚Äč

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Once customised, your document will look similar to our sample Shareholders Agreement.

What does the Shareholders Agreement cover?

Our Shareholders Agreement include clauses setting out:

  • Who can be a shareholder;
  • Who can serve on the board of directors;
  • What happens if one of the shareholders becomes impaired or dies;
  • What happens if a shareholders files for bankruptcy, resigns, retires or is fired;
  • How much shares of stock are worth;
  • Who will be required to purchase the shares of a shareholder who’s leaving; and
  • How much will be paid for the purchase of such shares.

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Ananya Singh
Ananya Singh

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