What Legal Documents Do I Need to Work Freelance?

Feb 8, 2017
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Written by Zachary Swan

Working freelance is a great way to turn your specialised skills into a steady income. Freelancing offers many advantages including flexible work hours, control over the work you do and ultimately, being your own boss. But greater work autonomy can also expose you to significant legal burdens.

If you are working as a freelancer, it is important to take additional steps and have the following legal documents to protect yourself. For access to all the essential legal documents you will need as a freelancer sign up to Lawpath today.

What Legal Documents do I need to work Freelance?

Contractor Agreement

A contractor agreement, or an independent contractor agreement, is a document that you must have when you are freelancing for another business. The agreement sets out the nature of the services you are to perform, outlines the intellectual property of the business, any confidential information, and the obligations between the parties. This agreement also clarifies that you are being hired as an independent contractor and not an employee, as misclassification can result in a long and costly litigation process.

Non-disclosure Agreement

A non-disclosure agreement will be used by the business hiring you to safeguard their confidential information. Working freelance you will find that some businesses may ask you to enter into a non-disclosure agreement with them. This agreement will stop you from sharing any confidential information covered by the agreement with another person or business. Using an NDA shows businesses that you are a trustworthy and are able to securely handle their confidential information.

To learn more about non-disclosure agreements check out our guide on the 5 things you should know about NDAs.

Consult a Business Lawyer

As a freelancer, you do not need to take on your creative journey alone. It is vital that you have the right legal advice by consulting with a business lawyer. A business lawyer will provide expert legal guidance and can review legal documents, ensuring that your specialised skills are not being unfairly exploited.

What’s Next?

For access to all the essential legal documents you will need to work freelance, sign up to Lawpath today. You can also get in touch with a lawyer and have your existing agreements reviewed.

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