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Beta Participation Agreement

A Beta Participation Agreement covers important terms and conditions between a company and a customer when performing beta testing on a software program.
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Document Overview

This agreement sets clear expectations for what is expected of the customer during the testing process as well as what the software supplier will provide. This agreement limits both parties' liability and protects crucial information and intellectual property. 

Beta testing refers to the final round of testing before a product is released commercially. The goal during this testing is to uncover as many issues or potential improvements as possible in a controlled environment. 

Use this Beta Participation Agreement if:

  • Your company has software you wish to have tested and want to protect the company’s intellectual property and other important data from being released.

  • You are undertaking to test a company’s software and wish to set clear expectations for what will be tested and what you will be provided in return.

What does the Beta Participation Agreement cover?

  • Duration

  • Setting up pilot installation

  • Limited licence

  • Testing procedure

  • Commercial release of software

  • Security & warranties

  • Indemnity & liability

  • Licence fee

  • Ownership

  • Reverse engineering

  • Risk & termination

  • Implied terms & consumer guarantees

  • Confidentiality

  • Licence fee

  • Software restrictions

  • Test criteria & environment

Further information:

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