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Change of Duties Notice

A Changes of Duties Notice informs an employee that their duties and responsibilities have changed.
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Document Overview

Employers may change the duties and responsibilities of employees, provided that the new duties are safe and reasonably fall within the scope of the employee’s contract. Changes to duties may be made in response: to a downturn in trade, the restructuring of a business or any other reasons impacting the operation of the business. Under the newly inserted Job Keeper provisions under the Fair Work Act (2009), employers must make a Job Keeper enabling direction regarding a change of duties. A Job Keeper enabling direction provides that employers must pay the effected employee the JobKeeper payment or their usual pay.  A written notice of such changes must be provided to employees two weeks before the changes are expected to take effect.

Use this Change of Duties Notice If:

  • You would like to change the duties and responsibilities of an employee.
  • You would like explain to the employee the reasons as to why their duties have been changed.
  • You would like to inform the employee of what their new duties involve.
  • You want to follow all the proper process in changing an employee’s duties.

What does the Change of Duties Notice cover?

  • Information about the change of duties such as when the changes will take effect and what the new roles entail.
  • The reasons as to why the change in duties and responsibilities is necessary for the business.

Further Information:

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