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Gym Waiver

Gym Waiver

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Suitable for suitable for all Australian states and territories

A waiver is a legal document which protects someone who wants to reduce their risk of liability. Customisable and ready to use under 10 minutes.

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Document Overview

A waiver is a legal document which protects someone who wants to reduce their risk of liability. Reducing liability is important for businesses, especially those that facilitate risk-related activities. 

As a gym operator, it is feasible that accidents or injuries may occur while clients are exercising. A gym waiver is a specific agreement between the clients and the gym whereby the client will give up their ability to sue if any injuries, damage or loss were to occur. The document will also outline the risks associated with the activities carried out in the gym. These risks must be acknowledged and accepted by clients prior to commencing. 

It’s important to remember that there are some exceptions to the release of liability. You won't be protected by a waiver if an incident is caused by some forms of negligence or misconduct on behalf of your business. It is highly recommended that all waivers be reviewed by a lawyer. 

Use This Gym Waiver if:

  • You want to protect your gym from liability and potential lawsuits
  • You want your customers to fully understand the risk they’re engaging in

What does the Gym Waiver cover? 

  • Client responsibility to abide by gym rules
  • Damage to equipment
  • Release of liability 
  • Negligence and misconduct
  • Acknowledgement of risk
  • Acknowledgment of physical condition
  • Acceptance of terms

Other names for Gym Waiver:

Fitness Services Waiver
Exercise Waiver


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