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Job Safety Analysis

A Job Safety Analysis provides a structured way to assess and document the risks associated with particular worksite tasks or activities.
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Document Overview

A job safety analysis provides a structured way to assess and document the risks associated with particular worksite tasks or activities. Conducting a job safety analysis is crucial for maintaining a safe work environment, and providing accountability for potential future accidents. Using this document, you will be able to record the relevant task, its associated hazards, the level of risk involved, any currently-employed control mechanisms, and any proposed control mechanisms.

Specifically, this document provides a schema for evaluating the level of risk (from 1-5) associated with each activity. This document also provides for the appropriate sign-offs from all levels of management.

Use a Job Safety Analysis if:
  • You are a business owner, project manager, safety inspector or someone in a position responsible for maintaining workplace health and safety.

  • You wish to clearly document the risks associated with particular business or project activities.

  • You wish to establish a clear chain of accountability for particular control mechanisms using appropriate sign-offs.

What does a Job Safety Analysis provide?
  • A clear and structured way to tabulate the risks or hazards associated with key business or project activities.

  • A consistent schema (numerically rated from 1-5) for evaluating the level of risk associated with each business or project activity.

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of existing control mechanisms, and documentation of proposed future control mechanisms.

  • Sign-offs for managers/supervisors.

Further information:

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