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Shipping Policy

A Shipping Policy is a document that clearly sets out your company’s procedures, information and rules regarding the shipment of goods. Customisable and ready to use in under 10 minutes.
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Document Overview

A Shipping Policy is a document that clearly sets out your company’s procedures, information and rules regarding the shipment of goods. It contains everything a customer needs to know about the delivery of a purchase. If your business or company sells goods that get shipped and delivered to your customers, you should have a Shipping Policy. 

Although a Shipping Policy is not a legal requirement, the policy essentially shapes the implied contract between a business and customer. Therefore, it is in both parties interests to have an accurate, detailed and easy-to-understand policy.

Why should I have a Shipping Policy?

A clear and transparent Shipping Policy helps customers make informed decisions and know what to expect from a purchase. It covers all shipping costs, different shipping options available, and the steps that occur from the time of purchase till the point of arrival at a customer’s doorstep. A well-developed Shipping Policy details shipping methods, expected timeframes, shipping prices, shipping restrictions, payment methods, contact details, and any additional information. 

Providing accurate shipment information builds trust and enables customers to review and calculate the true cost of their purchase. When customers are better informed, there are less complaints and shipping-related queries. A Shipping Policy can thus increase order volume, decrease cart abandonment, and help gain and retain customer base. It also encourages uniformity and consistency on the company’s end, since shipping packages at-will or inconsistency can ruin the customer relationship. 

Where should I display my Shipping Policy?

A Shipping Policy is only helpful if customers can easily access it. Display and link your Shipping Policy early on in the shopping process. Link it at the bottom of your website in the footer or link section, where customers intuitively expect to find it. Also add links to your Shipping Policy to other legal documents like your Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and Refund and Returns Policy. This makes your website more transparent and policy framework more cohesive. It’s best to review and update your shipping policy every six months, and each time your company’s shipping procedures change.

What does this Shipping Policy cover?

  • Shipment Processing Time

  • Shipment Locations

  • Shipping Restrictions

  • Estimated Delivery Times

  • Shipping Rates

  • Tracking Options

  • International Customs, Duties and Taxes

  • Missing or Lost Packages

  • Damages

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