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Website Terms and Conditions (SAAS)

Website Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between a website’s users and its owner.
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Document Overview

This document ensures that users use the website and its services in a lawful and appropriate manner, and allows website owners to suspend accounts that violate their use policies. This document includes provisions which aim to protect the website owner’s operator’s intellectual property. This document also includes clauses that limit the owner’s liability for use of the website. This document was drafted specifically for Software-As-a-Service (SAAS) businesses. If your website does not offer a SAAS service, please consider other Website Terms and Conditions document templates available in Lawpath’s Legal Document Builder.

Use this Website Terms & Conditions (SAAS) if:

  • You operate a SAAS service, and wish to outline the terms of use of your service’s website

  • You wish to set out some terms which prevent users from using your service in illegal or otherwise inappropriate ways

  • You wish to protect your intellectual property, and limit your liability arising from the user of your service

What does this document cover:

  • User obligations and appropriate use conditions

  • Intellectual Property protection clauses

  • Limited Liability and Indemnification clauses

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