What is an Administrative Lawyer?

An administrative lawyer offers legal advice and services relating to local, state and federal government agencies. Administration law monitors and regulates the relationship between the government and the governed.

Regulatory authorities have the power to make decisions that affect your rights. Disputes can arise when a regulatory authority’s decision adversely affects you or your business. An application can be made to challenge this decision and have it formally reviewed by the relevant court or tribunal.

An administrative lawyer can assist in assessing and challenging the merits of these decisions. If you are seeking to challenge a decision made by a regulatory authority or want to better understand your legal rights, you will need to consult with an administrative lawyer.

Our networks of experienced administrative lawyers work on a fixed-fee basis and are ready to assist with your legal needs.

When will I need to Hire an Administrative Lawyer?

If your personal or business interests have been negatively affected by a government decision, this may be challenged. It is important to engage a lawyer with expertise in administration law to ensure accountability and to determine what action can be taken. These are the legal situations where you will benefit from consultation with an administrative lawyer:

  • If you need advice on how to protect your rights and interests;
  • If you need advice on whether an administration decision is reviewable;
  • If you need advice on which review process will be the most appropriate;
  • If you need assistance to have a decision reviewed in a court or tribunal;
  • If you need help with any submissions;
  • If you you are seeking to negotiate with the regulatory authority to have the decision changed;
  • If you need advise on alternative ways of obtaining a review;
  • If you require assistance with a license or approval;
  • If you require assistance with a request for information or a freedom of information claim; and
  • Any advice about regulatory authorities and administrative law.

Before commencing any action, you should seek advice from an administrative lawyer.

What is the Benefit of an Administrative Lawyer?

Administration law is complex. A range of legal issues can arise under local, state and federal law. It is important to be aware of your legal rights and whether a decision that has been made by a regulatory authority can be reviewed or challenged.

If a decision has been made or a regulation has passed that negatively affects you and your business, you will benefit from consultation with an administrative lawyer. Engaging a lawyer with experience in administrative law will offer guidance on your best course of action.

What will they provide?

Administrative lawyers can provide expert legal advice and help with all your legal needs. An administrative lawyer can assist with any license applications, review any information requests, and advise on alternative ways to have a decision reviewed. They can also offer general advice on regulatory authorities and administrative law.

What is the cost of an Administrative Lawyer?

If a decision has been made that financially impacts you or your business, the last thing you want is to be burdened with expensive legal fees. At LawPath our networks of lawyers work on a fixed-price basis. We’ll provide you with fixed-price quotes from lawyers experienced in administrative law most suited to your needs.

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