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Document Overview

Mobile App terms and Conditions of Use set out the rules for people using your Application. This document includes how users can use your App, what is prohibited and a disclaimer to limit your liability for your App. It is especially important if you are selling goods or services on your App. It explains the terms such as delivery, return and refund policies.

Use this Mobile App Terms and Conditions of Use if:

- you would like to explain how your App works and its prohibited use
- you would like to protect the intellectual property on your App
- you would like to limit liability for your information, outages and third party links
- you would like to comply with Australian law and regulations
Why do I need a Mobile App Terms and Conditions of Use?
A Mobile App Terms of Use is an important document for every Mobile Application. It allows the operator to set out the rules for using their App. It also allows the operator to protect their intellectual property and limit their liability for the App.

What does this Mobile App Terms and Conditions of Use cover?
- the user’s rights and a licence to use the App
- your ownership and intellectual property of the App
- limiting liability for third party links
- Australian consumer law and consumer guarantees
- delivery of goods, returns and refunds policy
- payment details
- privacy and a disclaimer for warranties
- disclosure of information
- competitor and restricted access
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