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Get up to 30% off your annual plan for a lifetime! (Ends June 30)

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Frequently Asked Questions

A property lawyer provides conveyancing services and property law advice. A property lawyer can help with a range of property transactions. These include the sale and purchase of residential houses, commercial and industrial commercial leases, strata complexes, and any other type of property. They can also offer expert advice regarding all issues that may arise throughout the course of these transactions. Issues relating to the title of the property, council regulations, development approvals, taxation and planning. Engaging a property lawyer is essential when it comes to any property transaction or property related decision. With LawPath you have access to networks of property lawyers who work on a fixed-price basis.
Property law can be difficult to understand and requires expert legal guidance. It is imperative to protect your interests throughout any property transaction. Without proper legal consultation, you may unintentionally agree to unfavourable terms of a contract or lease, or inadvertently subdivide a lot. These decisions can have significant financial implications and delay your transactions. To avoid these issues, you will need to consult a lawyer with expertise in property law. Engaging a property lawyer will ensure that your transactions are dealt with smoothly and efficiently from start to finish.
Several legal issues may emerge throughout the course of a property transaction. Issues concerning the terms of sales agreements and leases, subdivision and mortgage transactions. These are some of the situations where you will need to hire a lawyer experienced in property law:

  • If you are purchasing or selling a residential or commercial property
  • The formation and review of residential or commercial contracts
  • The formation and review of residential or commercial leases
  • If you are a property developer and need assistance with large scale commercial projects
  • If you are a property developer and need assistance with subdivision and the creation of easements
  • If you need assistance with council or development approvals
  • If you are a lender or borrower requiring advice on residential mortgage transactions and commercial loan transactions
  • If you need any advice regarding strata title and strata management or advice on any property law matter

Whether you are a first time homebuyer or have extensive experience in property development, you will need to consult with a property lawyer. Getting in touch with a property lawyer will ensure that you have right documents in place and are legally protected.

Our network of property lawyers will offer expert legal advice on all your property law related matters. They will also provide the right documents for your legal needs. Covering everything from, the drafting of contracts and leases, review of mortgage agreements and the creation of an easement. Hiring a lawyer experienced in property law will ensure that your transaction is properly handled.
If you are purchasing your first home or seeking approval for your next block of units, legal costs can be a financial strain and quickly add up. These unwanted costs can prevent you from making improvements and further developments to your new property. Our network of property lawyers work on a fixed-price basis. With LawPath you will receive fixed-price quotes from property lawyers across Australia. This ensures that you are always aware of what the work will cost and can choose a solution tailored to your needs.

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