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Neighbour Complaint Letter

This document is a letter written to a neighbour who may be causing a nuisance to one person, or to an entire neighbourhood due to an activity they may be undertaking or something on their property that is causing a disturbance. Customisable and ready for use in under 5 minutes.
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Document Overview

A letter to a neighbour about nuisance is a document that is provided to your neighbour when something on their premises is affecting your ability to enjoy your property to its full extent. Noise and disruptive activity from a neighbour is common, and can be at times very disruptive to your way of life and those around you. A letter to a neighbor about nuisance allows you to formally complain to your neighbour in an effective way. It’s always best to find a solution to the problem directly and keep on speaking terms with your neighbour, as you have to live next to them every single day. With the use of a letter to neighbour about nuisance, you will be able to outline the issue at hand, as well as a method of contact for your neighbour to effectively convey a solution or issue with your complaint.

Use this form of complaint to avoid any form of conflict or argument with your neighbour, as such things can lead to hostility and the need for law enforcement, which can end badly and lead to a long-term relationship of hostility between your neighbours.

Use this Letter to Neighbour About Nuisance if:

  • Your neighbor is disrupting your way of life
  • Interrupting your sleep with loud noises
  • Breaching the boundaries of your house

What does the Letter to Neighbour About Nuisance cover?

  • Identifies the problem that it causes
  • Conveys the intention of the problem to be solved
  • Provides the address of the neighbour complaining, as well as contact information if the person receiving the complaint wishes to contact them about the issue

Other names for Letter to Neighbour About Nuisance include:

  • Neighbour dispute
  • Letter to neighbour

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