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Travel Consent Form (International)

A Travel Consent Form (international) is used when a parent wishes to allow their child to travel alone across country borders. It is documentary evidence or a letter that proves the child has permission of a parent or guardian to travel to another country. Customisable and ready for use in under 5 minutes.
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Document Overview

The travel consent form (international) permits the child, defined as under the age of 18 to travel internationally and to live or spend time outside Australia. It allows a person who has parental responsibility for the child and consents to the child travelling across international borders. Generally, those with parental consent are the parents named on the child’s birth certificate. This notifies authorities or other parties that a parent or legal guardian has given consent for international travel.


Use this Travel Consent Form (international) if:

  • Your child is travelling alone overseas;
  • Travelling with a legal guardian without sole custody;
  • Your child is travelling with a group/organisation and the parent or guardian is not a member.

What does the Travel Consent Form (international) cover?

  • Parent/Guardian and Child’s Name;
  • Parent/Guardian’s address;
  • Child's date of birth and passport number;
  • Any medical requirements;
  • Contact details of an adult;
  • Date of departure and arrival;
  • Signature(s) for consent;
  • Witness signature.

Other names for Travel Consent Form (international) include:

  • Child consent travel documents
  • Parental consent affidavit

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