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Document Overview

When setting up a trust, the trustee may be a company. If that is the case, this document must be utilised when having any meetings concerning the trust.

This document serves as a record of any resolutions or decisions that were made under a trust deed.

Use this Minutes of Meeting of Trustee if:

  • You are a Trustee
  • You want to keep an accurate record of your meetings concerning the Trust

What does the Minutes of Meeting of Trustee cover?

  • The required details of the meeting which took place including date, time, place, who was present at the meeting, the Trust the meeting concerns, beneficiaries and agenda items;
  • Discussions held concerning the Trust;
  • The property of the trust (‘units’);
  • Any resolutions made.

How important is it to keep minutes in a meeting?

It is very important that a Trustee keeps accurate minutes of all discussions and resolutions made at a meeting. Some tips on drafting effective minutes include:

1. Have a copy of the agenda

It’s important that you’re aware of what is to be discussed at the meeting. You can compare with how the meeting was conducted and this will also help ensure that you’re recording the correct information.

2. Don't Record Everything

You don’t have to record everything that was said in the meeting. You only have to record everything that is relevant to the agenda. Similarly, opinions of members present do not have to be recorded.

3. Use a Ready-made Format

Using a template is not only easier for you, but also ensures that the necessary details are recorded in the minutes. If you use the same template for all meetings, your minutes will be organised, consistent and reflect the meetings accurately.

4. Keep it clear and simple

The language you use in your minutes should be succinct, clear and easily understandable by others. Always bear in mind that the minutes are not being written for you, but for the benefit of other people.

5. Proofread

Proofread your minutes and make sure that they make sense. Check for any typographical errors or other inaccuracies before you circulate and lodge them.

Other names for a Minutes of Meeting of Trustee include:

  • Trustee Meeting Minutes
  • Minutes of Trustee Meeting

Other documents you may need:

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