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Returning to Work: Business Resources

Returning to Work: Business Resources

The green light has been given for businesses to reopen, but adjustments will have to be made. Find policies, documents, and articles on our resources page.

27th May 2020
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Businesses have found themselves in a position unlike any other seen in recent history. In March, the Australian economy was put into hibernation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses were forced to close down, with others drastically changing the way they do business. Now, the long awaited green light has appeared. However, getting back to business isn’t as simple as hitting the restart button. Businesses will have to take careful measures to ensure their customers and employees are safe.

Here, we’ve provided some resources to help your business get back into the swing of things.

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Return to Workplace Policy (COVID-19)

Workplaces have been advised to reopen with caution as more restrictions are lifted. This policy will allow you to clearly communicate to your employees their obligations when returning to work. This includes things such as observing physical distancing, practicing good hygiene and staying at home if they feel unwell.

Return to Work Notice (with Vaccine Requirement)

This is to notify your employs that it’s time to return to work. Included is the requirement that your employees have the flu vaccine. Whether you choose to cover the cost of the vaccine or not, making sure every employee is vaccinated will prevent preventable situations (such as if your employee has flu-like symptoms not having had the vaccine) causing unnecessary panic. COVID-19 symptoms can be similar to those of the flu, so if your employees all have the vaccine, you’ll know it’s not just the flu if they get these symptoms.

Gym Waiver (COVID)

Gyms involve people being in close proximity, and being one of many places where COVID-19 could easily spread. This waiver will inform your members of the risk they are taking. Although gyms are expected to increase their cleaning practices, there’s no guarantee that germs might still be able to spread. In the unfortunate event that someone contracts COVID-19 on your premises, you won’t be legally responsible.

Change of Duties Notice

Uncertain circumstances have meant that businesses have had to adapt. A large part of this is relocating employees to parts of the businesses where it is needed. For example, your supply lines may have ground to a halt, but you might need more people to sell the stock you do have. In any case, it’s important to inform your employees that their role has changed. Further, any changes you make will be illegal if your employee does not consent and you don’t provide them with adequate notice.

Workplace Hygiene Policy

A clean workplace is a safe workplace. Recent events have emphasised the need for public spaces to be clean and free of germs. Informing your employees of these practices will make sure everyone is on the same page and understand the standard you expect.

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